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Asian Adventures (India) shares lessons from the safaris

Asian Adventures (India) shares lessons from the safaris


Press Release

Two years ago, a group of CEOs hosted at Monsoon Forest was taking a safari through the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. The driver had advised everyone to remain seated and hold on to the safety bars while he was driving to locate the Tiger.

Indeep Singh, CEO of AB Global, however, stood up on his seat. The Jeep took a sharp turn and he lost his balance. With him on one side and a Tiger on the other, the situation looked precarious. Luckily, the Tiger was kind enough to retreat into the bushes. Singh was then taken to a hospital and made a full recovery. He has taken many safaris since and always stays cautious while on the drive.

Mohit Aggarwal, Founder, Asian Adventures (India) says he also once ended with a couple of cracked ribs because he was standing on his seat, holding the bars loosely. You may take photos and rise to scan the view when the vehicle is stationary.

What to do?
– Sit while the vehicle is moving, not advisable to stand up
– Always ask your guide for precautions before embarking on the safari

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