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Know more about Hong Kong’s lush green covers and nature trails

Know more about Hong Kong’s lush green covers and nature trails


The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) launched its 10th annual “Great Outdoors” campaign by featuring 13 of the city’s most stunning landscapes across various platforms.

The campaign includes a detailed guidebook, Your Guide to Hiking and Cycling in Hong Kong as well as collaborative content with insights from renowned photographers and trail experts.

Visitors to Hong Kong can discover some of Hong Kong’s most picturesque nature trails through the contrasting lenses of the “One Place, Two Perspectives” narrative.

Contrasting city views with verdant mountains; traditional villages with natural flora and fauna, and beautiful landscapes with stunning seascapes, the stories present Hong Kong as a jaw-dropping, breathtaking visual dichotomy.

These tales of contrasts celebrate a hard-to-believe fact that about three-quarters of Hong Kong’s landmass is actually countryside, and that the vast network of hiking trails is easily accessible from any corner of the city.

In this fresh attempt to showcase Hong Kong’s natural beauty through stunning photography and inspiring stories by some of the world’s top photographers, Hong Kong Tourism Board hopes to encourage visitors to discover another side of cosmopolitan Hong Kong during the hiking season from November to March.

Talking about the campaign, Puneet Kumar, Senior Manager Market Development (India), Hong Kong Tourism Board said, “Discovering the new, unique and something unknown is a key interest of young and affluent Indian travellers, hence, through this campaign we wanted to introduce a hidden side of Hong Kong – the Great Outdoors.”

He elaborated saying that unknown to most, Hong Kong is home to some of the best hiking trails and cycling paths that run through country parks, wetland nature reserves, serene beaches, rustic villages, quaint islands and historical landmarks, which are frequented by locals and adventure enthusiasts from around the world.

“Travellers will be amazed to find unspoiled nature and busy urban life in such close proximity to each other and we invite them to come Discover Hong Kong Like a Local,” he added.

“One Place, Two Perspectives” is presented by an incredibly talented team, including French photographer Matthieu Paley, whose assignments have taken him to far-flung corners of the globe. Paley has lived in Hong Kong for nine years and is intimately acquainted with the city’s natural landscapes. He has captured Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark’s majestic volcanic rock columns on land before diving into the park’s mesmerising aqua waters.

Award-winning photographer and Hongkonger Tugo Cheng, whose background in architecture gives his work a unique aesthetic, dishes up an inside scoop on the beauty of Hong Kong’s natural landscape. He takes his camera to historical Sam A Village to explore the indigenous culture there, and then onwards to the exotic plants and wildlife that thrive in Plover Cove Country Park.

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