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Indian visitors to Canada +16% in March 2019 amidst -4% overall decline

Indian visitors to Canada +16% in March 2019 amidst -4% overall decline


Inbound arrivals to Canada stood at 1.1 million in March 2019 which was a decline of -4.4% year-on-year. With the start of the Easter holiday period moving from late March in 2018 to late April in 2019, total arrivals declined in March 2019 (-4%), resulting in a contraction over the first quarter of 2019 (-1%).

However, visitors from India reached a new record in March 2019 with 17,706 Indian travellers coming into Canada, an increase of +16.3% over the same period the previous year. Relative to other countries, travellers from India spent a significantly bigger share of their overall disbursements on transportation (21.0% vs 12.3%).

Key Insights 2018 (India)

With a record 287,000 visitors to Canada in 2018, India led Destination Canada’s Asia-Pacific region in year-over-year growth (+15% over 2017 arrivals).

Last year, India set new monthly arrivals records every month, a new annual arrivals record, and grew to become Destination Canada’s seventh largest inbound market in 2018.

India was the only Destination Canada long-haul market to consistently record monthly gains in air arrivals both direct from overseas and via the US.

Indian tourists spend on average over $1,400 per trip to Canada. Travellers from India stay longer than those from any of Destination Canada’s other markets, with an average trip length of 37 days.

In 2018, demand for travel to Canada among Indian leisure travellers was higher between May and June than any other time of the year.

Indian leisure travellers want to see natural attractions like mountains, waterfalls, wildlife, nature parks, historical or heritage sites, as well as shopping for items that help them remember their trip.

Most trips to Canada by Indian leisure travellers (80%) are booked as part of an organised group travel package through a travel agent or tour operator.

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